2019-2021 T.E.A.M. Work Plan
At least 31 Sarpy/Cass County businesses will implement a smoke-free/vape-free or tobacco-free campus policy.
Increase the number of 100% smoke-free/vape-free or tobacco-free multi-family buildings in Sarpy/Cass County by 38.
Increase the number of schools with an enhanced comprehensive smoke-free/vape-free or tobacco-free campus policy in Sarpy/Cass County by 5.
Increase the number of communities with a comprehensive smoke-free/vape-free or tobacco-free park policy by 4
Increase the number of tobacco retailers who voluntarily decrease the amount of in-store/outside tobacco ads and promotions by four (4)
Maintain a tobacco compliance rate above 95% in Sarpy/Cass County.