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T.E.A.M. is here to help reduce youth initiation and work with our local jurisdictions, policy makers and communities to decrease the number of retailers in Sarpy & Cass Counties.

To do this we are working to educate the community about the importance of limiting access to tobacco products. 



What Is a Potential Tobacco Product Violation?

Potential tobacco product violations include (but are not limited to):

  • Sales to minors

  • Flavored cigarette sales

  • Illegal marketing and advertising – The Tobacco Control Act gives the FDA the ability to regulate certain marketing and advertising activities by the tobacco industry, including:

    • Describing tobacco products as “light,” “mild,” or “low” – or claiming a product is safer or less harmful without an FDA order

    • Distributing t-shirts or other promotional or novelty items with brand names of cigarette or smokeless tobacco products 

    • Sponsoring events using the brand name of a tobacco product

  • Distribution of free samples of tobacco products except in limited circumstances

  • Placement of cigarette or smokeless tobacco product vending machines in prohibited areas (or providing access to self-service or direct access of tobacco products in prohibited areas)

  • Sale of cigarettes in packages of less than 20

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