Play Tobacco-Free
A tobacco-free parks policy will:
Save you money
Promote positive role models
Reduce second-hand smoke exposure
Decrease litter
Protect your pets, wildlife & toddlers.
Park Policy Tool-kit
How can you support tobacco-free facilities?
  1. Sign our tobacco-free park support petition.
  2. Talk with the facilities managers.
  3. Take the idea to the facilities decision makers.
  4. Educate your community on the benefits of tobacco-free outdoor recreation areas.

T.E.A.M. is gathering information about the tobacco policies of Sarpy & Cass Counties outdoor recreational facilities. If you are a facility decision maker, we want to hear from you. Please give us a call at (402)593-3022 or email us at
Support Tobacco Free Playgounds & Parks

By completing this form, I recognize that secondhand smoke and tobacco trash are a threat to public health, park safety, appearance, and animal well-being. I support a local policy that would make all city parks tobacco-free to protect all people, especially youth.