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Play Tobacco-Free

T.E.A.M. is here to assist you in designating your playground/park/community recreational/community pool/green space as tobacco-free.

Why tobacco-free parks?

  • There is no safe limit of exposure to secondhand smoke, even outdoors.

  • Cigarette waste is the most littered item on the planet and is dangerous for children & animals.

  • Tobacco-free environments promote positive role modeling and protect the health, safety and welfare of community members.

​​Tobacco users are not a protected class; it is legal to create tobacco-free policies in public places.
If you do decide to consider a tobacco-free playground/park policy; we are here to help.
We offer the following services at no charge:
  • Sample policies
  • Educational materials
  • Signage
If you are interested in any of our free resources, contact us at
Sarpy/Cass County Smoke-Free Outdoor Recreational Facilities
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