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Quitting nicotine is the best thing you can do for your health. The good news is that there is more help than ever, in many different formats, start your journey today by contacting the Nebraska Tobacco Quitline.

Ready. Set. Quit

Nebraska Tobacco Quitline, 1-800-QUIT-NOW

The Nebraska Tobacco Quitline is a free service that connects you via phone with a quit coach. Over the course of your quit attempt, the coach will help you work through challenges by providing tips and encouragement. These are individually and specific for you to stay nicotine-free from cigarettes, vaping, smokeless (chew) and /or a combination if a dual user.

The Quitline is currently offering a free two-week supply of over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy- NRT (e.g. patches, gum) when you enroll.


QuitNow Mobile App

The mobile app offers support throughout your quit attempt – from setting a quit date to identifying your reasons for quitting to conquering cravings once you’ve quit. To boost motivation, the app will also track the money you’ve saved since quitting and the days added back to your life.


Are you ready to quit? To get started, T.E.A.M. has FREE quit kits available with mints, gum, figets, informational materials and other items to help you on your quit journey. 

Take the polll below, provide your name and address and we'll send it right to you!

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